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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment (RJCE)

Screening and Determining of Vanillic Acid Productive Fungi Isolate

By, Suhad Khalid Al-Moola, Aswan H. Al-Bayyar, Journal ID: RJCE-21-05-2020-21
(This article belongs to Vol - 13, Issue - 03)

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This study aims to identify the fungal genus that produces Vanillic Acid (VA). Ten local fungal isolates were tested and screened for vanillic acid production. The isolates were collected from different sources like soil, fruits in Iraq, Baghdad. Some parameters were adopted in the culturing media of production. The culture media contained 20g/l glucose, 2.5 g/l ammonium sulfate, 0.5g/l yeast extract, 0.2g/l KH2PO4, 0.0132g/l CaCl2.2H2O, 0.5g/l MgSO4.7H2O with 1.5 g/l pomegranate peels powder as a substrate, pH5, 30° C, 1×106 cfu/ml, 150 rpm, and 7 days of incubation. The isolate (4) gave the highest production (14.9 mg/ml) under these conditions. The isolate was morphologically and genetically determined to be Aspergillus terreus MD 10-3(0). The fungus Aspergillus terreus is a productive genus for Vanillic acid in bioconversion process by using dried pomegranate peels.
Keywords: vanillic,

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