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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment (RJCE)

Study of Jordanian Porcelanite and Its Adsorption behavior on 3, 5-Dimethyle Phenol from Aqueous Solution

By, Jumana K. Abu-Hawwas, Jumana K. Abu-Hawwas, Jumana K. Abu-Hawwas, Journal ID: RJCE-19-06-2020-23
(This article belongs to Vol - 13, Issue - 03)

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The adsorption of 3,5-Dimethyl phenol from aqueous solution by Jordanian porcelanite rock has been investigated as a function of initial concentration, adsorbent dose, contact time at constant temperature and pH of solution. Porcelanite get removal efficiency equal to 99.71% at about 1 hour of contact time, with 20 g of porcelanite and about 50 ppm concentrations of 3,5- Dimethyl phenol in organic solutions which was indicated by Total Organic Carbon and UV absorption spectroscopy technique. The physical and chemical characterization, were done using X- Ray Fluorescence, X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscope, Thermogravimetric analysis and Specific Surface Area. The porcelanite rock represents a low cost alternative natural material adsorbent, used as a filter and for the removal of toxic inorganic and organic materials from aqueous solutions

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